Testen Sie Ihre Sprachkenntnisse

Elementary level A1 (1-10)

1. Who's that man?

2. Mike is looking at ____.

3. We are waiting for you!

4. Jack, this radio story sounds pretty interesting!

5. Mary ____ play tomorrow.

6. ____ live in the town.

7. Molly hasn't got your money. Jack hasn't got ____ .

8. Mary's here. She's just ___ .

9. What is Peter like? He ____ .

10. Has Jimmy got his books now? Yes, my brother ____ yesterday.

Intermediate level A2 (11-21)

11. When she asked me I ____ a few days to think about it.

12. We invited him last week but he ____ .

13. 'I agree, I said. 'I hoped ____ ', she replied.

14. Who was the first person ____ today?

15. Jane had ____ furniture for her room.

16. I like ____ two records.

17. ____ people came than I expected.

18 Simon ____ the club.

19. We haven't got a record player. Let's ____ .

20. I'd like to leave my car near. Where's the ____, please?

21. I ____ abroad next week.

Upper intermediate level B1 (22-32)

22. I learnt how to ____ a bicycle when I was six years old.

23. They ____ on holiday in Switzerland and became good friends.

24. They live ____ the other side of the road.

25. I should have asked her for a plan of the house. If I ____ I would have found

26. When my wife ____ back tomorrow, she'll find everything in order.

27. After ____ information without success, we bought a book on the subject.

28. He's ____ his sister.

29. She had three sons, all ____ became doctors.

30. He made me ____ .

31. We usually have fine weather ____ summer.

32. ____ of them understood him.

Advanced level B2 (33-end)

33. Sixty per cent of television viewers chose him as their ____ actor.

34. They're staying with us ____ the time being until they find a place of their

35. Sometimes ____ gets on the bus and checks the tickets.

36. He'll soon get ____ his disappointment and be quite cheerful again by the

37. You'll soon get used to his ways ____ everyone else.

38. He lives on a farm ____ the castle.

39. The little man was ____ one metre fifty tall.

40. I'll take down your name and address in case you ____ as witness.

41. The car he was driving ____ .

42. ____ you're happy, it doesn't matter if you haven't got much money.

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