German courses in Rüsselsheim


German as the language of business in Rüsselsheim

On-site courses in Rüsselsheim, Mörfelden-Walldorf: German for business purposes and foreign language training in Rüsselsheim - you learn languages effectively and intensively - whether you need German as a working language or as a foreign language - our on-site language training leads to success!

Why learning languages with Evolanguage in Rüsselsheim?

  • Small groups = you learn intesively and need less time to achieve your goals
  • Build/Expand your vocabulary faster
  • Assessment: review of lessons learned, tests
  • Language of everyday life: dialogues about everyday situations
  • Grammar made easy and understandable
  • Competent, experienced and friendly trainers
  • Pleasant learning atmosphere
  • Recognized certificates
  • Learning success in short time!

Goals of our on-site German courses:

  • Learning the German language in a short time
  • Improving and brushing up on your German skills
  • Improving your communication skills in German
  • Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of general German

Components of our on-site language courses in Rüsselsheim:

  • Placement test - oral and written
  • Small groups: a fast and intensive way of learning German
  • Focus on the individual learning goals of the participants
  • Teaching material adapted to the language level
  • Orientation on the personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Topics: general German as well as topics related to business or special professional topics, catered to your needs
  • Recognized certificates

Our courses in Rüsselsheim, Mörfelden-Walldorf:

German Intensive Courses in Rüsselsheim: on-site language training

Our intensive German courses in Germany are designed for participants who wish to gain in-depth knowledge and general competence in the German language within a short time. In our super-intensive courses, we focus on students' path to university or on developing their skills and preparing them for their professional careers. Naturally, these German courses are also designed for people who have a personal interest in the German language.

Our super-intensive German courses are made up of group training and one-to-one German lessons. This course is composed by 20 group lessons in the morning or afternoon and in addition, individual lessons (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10) in the afternoon or evening.

Methodology: communication in German from the start!

The interactive learning method in our German courses ensures that students learn to speak German fluently and write accurately in German. This teaching method at our language schools in Germany is easily adapted to your needs. Efficient communication is priority our German super-intensive courses.

Components of language training:

  • German vocabulary building: intensive and active vocabulary training at a daily basis with our German teachers (min. 200 words a week)
  • German Speaking from the start: language interaction, role play, conversation, debates, discussions and oral presentations.
  • Listening: making notes, the use of German in specific situations (e.g. in shops, at the station, at the doctor, etc.)
  • Writing in German: letters, resumés, summaries, reports, formal and informal writing.
  • German Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension: text Analysis, German literature, newspaper articles and business related texts.

German Intensive Courses: Course fees

  • 4 weeks - 80 lessons - € 460
  • 3 weeks - 60 lessons - € 364
  • 2 weeks - 40 lessons - € 278
  • 1 week - 20 lessons - € 165

Crash courses in Rüsselsheim

This intensive program is suitable for all participants who want to improve, refresh or deepen their language skills quickly and actively - also for developing linguistic competence in the workplace. The crash course includes a combination of general and job-related language.

At the end of the course, all participants will take a final test and receive a certificate. The groups are small - up to 8 participants for this program. This efficient German training is especially recommended for students with a tight time frame. Booking extra weeks or individual training with a flexible schedule is also possible.

  • Group size in our crash courses: A maximum of 8 participants per course
  • Duration of the crash course: 1 week or 2 weeks - 40 lessons
  • Crash Course fees: 550 € per person

Individual Training (one-to-one lessons)

One-to-one lessons are ideal for students who wish to benefit from personal and individualized assistance to achieve quick results. We recommend German private lessons especially for business people, so that they can acquire specific knowledge in a very short time.

The individual lessons at Evolanguage are always tailor-made.

You benefit from the precisely coordinated planning, where your skills and personal goals are the basis for fast and successful learning in one-to-one German sessions.

We offer private lessons in the following areas:

  • German as a foreign language
  • International Business German - German as the language of business
  • Banking and Accounting
  • German in the office and German on the phone
  • German for secretaries
  • German in science, medicine, surgery and care
  • German literature
  • German for catering / hospitality
  • German for cabin crew / ground staff
  • German for travel agency and hotel employees
  • German for the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering
  • German for the environmental area and natural sciences
  • German for senior management
  • German for IT and computer science
  • German for physicians
  • German for lawyers
  • Preparation for language examinations
  • Training for job applications in German

Individual training lessons at Evolanguage in Rüsselsheim, Germany: tailor-made to the highest level!

English / German as the language of business in Rüsselsheim:

Evolanguage offers you the solution for the highest communication demands in the international environment. We are specialized in organizing and delivering practical language training for companies and businessmen.

Because of our exclusive and highly effective teaching method, we guarantee the achievement of your individual language learning goals in a clearly defined time frame.

For more information about our courses, start dates, languages offered & on-site courses for companies, please visit:

Evolanguage Language school Mainz-Wiesbaden

Kaiserstr. 2
55116 Mainz
Phone +49 6131 9459510

Evolanguage Language school Hamburg

Schopenstehl 32 - 33
20095 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 76753691

Evolanguage Language school Munich

Paul-Heyse-Str. 6
80336 München
Phone +49 89 33989305

Evolanguage Language school Frankfurt

Liebfrauenberg 39
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 69 26484869

Intensive Course at EVOLANGUAGE

Your personal solution is always the priority with our foreign language courses.

In the intensive courses at Evolanguage, you learn a language and more - you can make new contacts and meet new friends.

Our language schools are located in different cities in Germany:
Hamburg - Munich - Mainz - Frankfurt - Berlin - Frankfurt - Wiesbaden - Stuttgart - Dusseldorf - Aachen - Leipzig - Karlsruhe - Koblenz and Bamberg

The range of our foreign language classes such as English, Spanish, French, Italian and other languages can be found here:

Learn foreign languages in Mainz, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Aachen, Koblenz, Leipzig and Berlin

Evolanguage language schools offer many other courses in small groups:

  • Courses for adults, teenagers or children
  • German as a second language or foreign language
  • German for business purposes
  • Exam preparation courses (TELCDSH and TestDaF)
  • Intensive courses
  • Evening courses
  • Conversation courses
  • One-to-one courses
  • On-site courses for companies
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